When is it time for Palliative Care with Southern Louisiana Hospice?
Sooner is often better

Too many people wait too long to involve hospice in end of life care. By contacting Audubon Hospice early in the diagnosis, the patient and family have time to understand their options and choose the path that will have the most positive impact. The goal and purpose of Audubon Hospice is to maximize the quality of life for both the patient and the family. By initiating contact with us early in the planning process we can begin helping sooner, allowing the family to stay focused on what matters to them.

Although Audubon Hospice staff can meet with you at any point to answer questions, a doctor’s order is needed before completing a medical assessment or admitting patients to hospice. A nurse and admissions counselor will visit you to discuss hospice in greater depth and answer your questions. The nurse will confirm that you meet medical guidelines and will consult with the doctor regarding any current symptoms/ needs. The decision to sign on to hospice is a personal one for you and your family to consider together. We wish to support you but never to pressure you.

It’s time to consider Audubon Hospice and palliative care team in the following instances:

  • You need palliative care to help cope with the treatment of a life limiting illness
  • Your physician certifies that the illness is terminal
  • The prognosis is 6 months to live or less if the disease runs its normal course
  • You want to be home – or in a homelike nursing facility – to receive care
  • You want to assert control in the transition from medical therapies to end of life care
  • You need to end the cycle of unnecessary hospitalization and emergency room visits
  • You often require consultations regarding medication and pain management
  • You’re seeing a diminished quality of life due to the effects of treatment

How to access our services

Contact us. Phone inquiries are best. Arrange a consultation. Anyone may inquire about how we can help.

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